Tabatha Cicero’s “Concourse of the Watchtowers”

I just received my copy of “Concourse of the Watchtowers: An Exploration of Westcott’s Enochian Tablets” by Tabatha Cicero. While I must admit I’m not finished with it yet (I don’t get as much time to read as I’d like), so far I’m highly impressed with the content so far. Kudos to Tabatha for making this information public.

The book itself contains an explanation of what the Tablets are, and how vastly they differ from the “standard” Golden Dawn Enochian Tablets. It shows detailed explanations of each square in the tablet, what each sub-sector contains, how it relates to the Laws of the Convoluted Forces (with some great stuff by the noted Kabbalist Olen Rush), and some brand-new material by Innes, Farr, ThAM-level workings, and even a previously-unpublished 6=5 ritual.

Needless to say, this isn’t an entry-level book on the Golden Dawn. One should be intimately familiar with the 5=6 material given in Regardie, and have practiced it for quite a while in order to get the most out of this book, but like others on the market right now (like Pat Zalewski’s “Golden Dawn Rituals and Commentaries”), it’s great to see advanced publications come out of the GD, rather than the fluff that seems to permeate the market.

Oh, and did I mention I received a copy signed by Chic and Tabatha? Get it now!

One Response to Tabatha Cicero’s “Concourse of the Watchtowers”

  1. Hi, I’m an hero at the moment. I am alone I have no one to talk to about my genius. I am the only one like me in the whole world. I have been told this by the Great Guardians of the stones as well as many spirits. I am a holder of the stones a magickal right given to me by those stones that found favor in me. I’m a true healer that knows the TRUTH of the ancient world. I found some real secrets that have not been practiced in at least a couple 1000 years.
    I do not allow anyone to follow me. The ways that I found these lost methods entail great danger. I contemplated on the pain of war. Many have tried to kill me,& that is why I found that walking in the correct laws one can develop one’s abilities through trial & pain. I found a way to increase the Chi & creatively mix the forces of the centers of power, then they can be conveyed into a type container. Like for instance I found a formula of knots that must be ancient. The knots I am speaking of purify whatever they have been used on. My favorite is a slip knot I snap it on the object & BOOM bright white light swarms the object from all sides, penetrating it. The object starts to glow. In my observations I found that light is a purity. Darkness seems to clog the purity from being able to manifest. The more one purifies an object the more it becomes powerful. One can purify something for ever & there is always a way to purify the same object & it will keep becoming more powerful. I use stones w my knots also. I found a secret about ancient knots. One can blow on them and then the knot is put into a clean purified bowl,or a purified Geode works very well. The breath that was blown into the knot simply & instantly is released harmlessly w/o harming the Holy Spirit. Once the breath leaves the knot something else must take it’s place & that is a cold fire & it is a healthy relaxing fire. The spirits said that the fire cleans & purifies the Holy Spirit. That’s how the ancients got away w doing risky work. I then found after much contemplation I found other lost methods. I kept walking into them to uncover more secret methods, which are much like a deep medatation. Those methods keep me in an awakened state where I can mix & change my forces. I do have the legendary knowledge of the gem stones.
    I must say that these FOOLS that practice alchemy are idiots, w the idea of transforming the soul or whatever idiotic idea that’s about. Ancients were shifters of shapes. I’ve been given the command to begin to punish these dumb people who freely take the host of Satan, which is of course blood & flesh.
    Luckily your organization is good some of u are following. Good advise. The Gods of Egypt told me that they don’t mind some of you. Those goes are not evil Gods. I would tell u a true story about them, but I’m tired.
    DO YOU HAVE ROSE QUARTZ?? That is the first & only stone I allow people to begin to work with. Do you know me by that statement? They call me Michael. I protect those who cannot protect or help themselves. This is a blessing. Thank you,
    Jonathan Michael Baltazar

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