Expansion & Contraction in the Temple

The energies of expansion & contraction seem to make themselves most readily apparent throughout ritual, but I’ve been considering lately how much these energies influence membership in esoteric groups. It seems that some times of the year, people are more ready to start working with others. Our group currently has 4 people who are on a leave of absence, and we hope they come back soon, but meanwhile, many new members are applying.

Despite Denver’s not-so-large population (almost 600,000), it does seem to have a large number of persons who are interested in esotericism. Often, these applicants are looking for a coven, or are interested in something that’s totally unrelated to the Golden Dawn, but every so often, a great member joins and sticks with the group through thick and thin.

Of course, there are always once-offs who are initiated and never return, but I feel that the courage it takes to join a group is often enough weeding out (see my previous post about finding good members), so that these seem to be few and far between.

There’s only so much prodding and encouraging that can help a student to stick with the path — so much of it depends on their willingness to follow through. For me, the rise and fall in Temple membership is like a wave – ride it, don’t fight it.

Has anyone else noticed massive rises and drops in attendance/membership? And if so, how does your group deal with it?


One Response to Expansion & Contraction in the Temple

  1. Frater Val says:

    I have noticed this particular flux of energy. In our Temple it doesn’t necessarily result in new members, but rather the activity level of current members increase.

    It is my current postulation that it is due to the energies associated with the Equinox rituals. It seems member enthusiasm and activity is strongest in the first months proceeding the Equinox’. Then begins to wane 2 to 3 months before the following Equinox.

    Another factor is the general interests of the esoteric students in the area. Denver sounds a lot like Phoenix in that there are a LOT of people pursuing esoteric studies but most are looking at Wicca and other pagan groups, or the New Age stuff (The Golden Dawn itself remains somewhat obscure even now with the world’s information at our fingertips). So the times of year when there are popular pagan rituals being performed at the Temple see a lot more attendance (i.e. Samhain).

    I’m glad that I’m not the only one who has witnessed this energy! Any tips for getting people interested in GD?

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