Enochian and Some Other Thoughts

Apologies for not writing much lately.  My life’s been rather busy. So with no further waste of space, I’ll start right in.

Having worked the Enochian system for a while now, I can say two things tentatively, though definitely within my realm of experience:

1. It works. Very well.

2. It’s hyped.

So what do I mean by these two contradictions?  In my opinion, the Enochian system (as both Golden Dawn and traditional) is quite useful, though on one hand the GD attempted to make it sit well inside their cohesive schema, and on the other, it’s a new way to look at the Universe and deity. So you either have to look at it as an elemental schema or a new language altogether (much like Kabbalah).  After looking at both, I am excited to begin traversing the Enochian world in its entirety, especially after looking at it through GD eyes.

There’s so much more to be said about Enochian, but above all it works, and well. I’ve done scrying sessions with another Frater here with much more experience, and his prior sessions are remarkably similar to ours. All scrying sessions (at least for me) come with doubts about the veracity of the vision, but these sessions greatly improved my abilities not only to call the angels/kerubs/gods, but to see them as well.

So if you haven’t tried Enochian, do so. IMHO, it’s no more “dangerous” than Kabbalah, though I’ve found it more immediately powerful. The Calls are very moving, even in the Enochian language. The theory that Enochian is “dangerous” I think comes from the original GD and less from those who’ve actually worked the original system.

Oh, and it’s NOT an apocalyptic working at all.

Turning my attention elsewhere, I’m going to be out of the country with my lovely wife starting this Friday, so I’ll be out until the end of the month. Look for more posts after the first of the year.


Frater AENE


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