Denver – Home to Esoteric Thought?

It seems to me that lately I’ve suddenly realized how large the esoteric population in Denver,  Colorado is. There are currently three Golden Dawn Temples operating independently of one another, an OTO group, several Rosicrucian orders and probably more that I’m not privy too. Add to this the number of people involved in these various orders/temples who are esoterically-minded masons and you have a rather large group just in the Denver metro area alone, not even counting the number of esotericists in nearby cities like Colorado Springs (yes, the home of Focus on the Family has an esoteric population!)

It would be nice if we could all get together for a conference on Denver esotericism and perhaps exchange some ideas. This is probably just wishful thinking though, since most orders/temples are protective of their “secret” teachings, whatever those entail. I have to agree somewhat though. There are aspects and teachings in our Temple that I wouldn’t want to share with just anyone. Nevertheless, Denver is home to enough esotericists that I think the slim possibility is there to perhaps come together to bring in a speaker or run a small one-day explanation of the various groups’ beliefs/teachings. This latter alone would be useful in finding other orders that one may be interested in.


4 Responses to Denver – Home to Esoteric Thought?

  1. Frater LeL says:

    This actually makes me want to attend a denver college… on my days off, just hop on down to the Temple!



  2. Frater LeL says:

    Haha, well i’m curretnly enrolled in a 2 year community college down here, going to start spring 2010… So, it’s a bit faroff. But if there are any denver colleges that offer Ph.D. or Psy.D.’s in clinical psychology and psychotherapy, do let me know… 🙂

    • frateraene says:

      Not sure, but I know that Denver University and CSU are both excellent schools (both being also rather expensive). Good luck in your current undertaking and your future graduate degree!

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