The Tree of Life Revisited

After years of studying the Golden Dawn’s version of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, I decided to make a lengthy examination and invocation for the Lightning Flash on the Tree itself. It’s gone something like this:

Week 1: Invoke the Names of Keter (God Name, Archangel, Angel, Sphere) from top down. During the last couple of days or so, vibrate Alef (the first path). During the entire time, study up on Keter and its associations.

Week 2: Invoke the Names of Keter, Alef, then Chokmah. Again study the associations of Chokmah. Begin to vibrate Dalet. At this time, I also began vibrating the Names from bottom to top.

Week 3: etc.

While this is a somewhat elementary exercise, it’s helped me not only to concretize the Names in my mind, but understand the different vibrational levels they each exist at. For example, Metatron feels different than Eheieh, and different than Raziel.

Give it a shot if you’ve not done something similar. For my next round, I’m going to focus on the paths themselves, one at a time, using a similar formula, but probably that of the serpent winding itself round the Tree.


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